Why CTO?

A global service. Proven success in all regions.

  • We have a deep rooted understanding of the communications and technology markets, and because we speak with most major CSP’s and leading enterprises daily, we have prior knowledge of their pain points and how to sell to them.
  • We work closely with sales and marketing to deliver a solution that maximises efficiency and collaboration across the entire customer acquisition cycle.
  • We don’t just set meetings with decision makers, we make sure the relevant people know about your solutions/services, understand whether or not they need them now, OR, in the future and map out your entire target market according to their interest levels.
  • We leave a clear trail behind us so you can see exactly which companies have been approached and where they stand, ensuring there is no duplication of efforts between sales and marketing and that campaigns are always focused on the right people at the right time.
  • Anyone in our team could probably name every CSP in every country on demand, and probably tell you who their CTO is, whether they are in buying mode and whether there is value in targeting them. We enable you to focus on the quick wins and weed out the ‘time-wasters’ from your focus.
  • Our strategic approach ensures that you deliver the right message to the right people via the optimum channel and that ROI and sales progress are clearly tracked.
  • Our post campaign analysis will clearly show how well your messaging was received by your target audience in comparison to your peers that are selling to the same industry and our approach is flexible to ensure we deliver value.