CRM Services

Most organisations understand the potentially huge benefit of implementing a CRM system. Whatever approach you’ve chosen, you may be among the majority who aren’t getting the most from their investment and resources. CTO Marketing can help you deliver optimal results with expert advice and hands-on support:

  • Influencing sales and marketing teams to work with crucial CRM processes.
  • Ensuring ownership of CRM processes and administration.
  • Using telecoms/IT industry knowledge to make sure that processes and data are relevant and aligned to your business and sales objectives.
  • Identifying and correcting inaccurate and misaligned data.
  • Focusing reporting to include only correct and relevant leads and opportunities.
  • Identifying and enabling features to achieve optimal benefit for your business.
  • Supporting integration with your website and other lead management solutions.

A tailored approach to optimise your existing investment

Whether you manage your sales and marketing data with spreadsheets,, Microsoft Dynamics or any other CRM solution, CTO Marketing’s practical, cost effective approach will help you achieve:

  • Accurate, real-time sales forecasting and productivity analysis
  • Real-time campaign and ROI analysis
  • An accurate view of where accounts are in the sales and marketing cycle and who owns them
  • Segmented data to target specific stakeholder groups with messages that appeal to them

Our services integrate directly with your CRM giving you clear ownership of data and ensuring we leave lasting value behind every campaign we run. Our suite of CRM services includes:

  • Consultancy and implementation
  • Customisation
  • Data segmentation
  • Workflow management and solution integration
  • Administration, policing and reporting

Value of CTO for CRM Management:

  • Vendor-independence means we’re motivated by delivering value from the CRM you’ve already invested in, not by selling you a new system.
  • Dedicated SME support through our experience and focus on working with businesses who only have a handful of licenses, in contrast to the major vendors, who offer little customised SME support.

High value, low cost business model enables us to deliver these services at a far cheaper rate than other CRM consultancies, whilst delivering more, specialist value.