Data Management

Your contact and account data is your most important asset for sales and marketing. If you don’t have real-time access to information about all applicable accounts within your target market and access to their key decision makers, you’re missing opportunities that your competitors may be making the most of.

Complete, accurate and valid contact data is the backbone of any successful sales and marketing campaign. Not only do we have our own comprehensive database of contacts but we also offer a meticulous approach to sourcing and managing new data, tailored to your business, which enables us to provide the highest quality information in a format that you can use.

Whatever industry or geography you are focused on, CTO will generate and maintain accurate and targeted data, ensuring that you can communicate directly with the people who are likely to buy from you.

Our Data Management Services Include:

  • Bespoke List Building / Contact Acquisition
  • Data segmentation and gap analysis
  • Data verification
  • CRM System Management and set up

Precision, focus, access
With our help, you’ll be clear about which accounts you should focus on. You’ll have reliable, high quality contact data for potential end users, influencers and buyers. Our Data Management service puts you in control of accurate account and prospect information.

Value of CTO for data management:

  • A truly consultative approach based on years of hand-on experience in telecommunications and IT.
  • Quality comes first with our meticulous approach. We verify all contact data by speaking to prospects and accounts directly to provide the most accurate and current information.
  • An end-to-end approach with integration into our CRM, E-marketing and lead generation services. This means that captured information is recorded clearly and continually managed, so the data you invest in can be used to its full potential.