Email marketing can be a low risk and very cost effective way to get your message out to your target audience and to enhance awareness of your business. But it’s important to do it well in order to avoid high un-subscription rates which could reflect badly on your brand. Is your email marketing making a positive impact, or not? Key questions to ask include:

  • How frequently do you send emails? It’s common for organisations to send too many and numb or lose subscribers.
  • Is your content properly targeted and written in the right tone and style for the audience? Does it convey the impression and messages you want?
  • Do you track and analyse email campaign results and feed this back into future activity? Do you know how recipients engage with your e-marketing?
  • Are you confident that your emails are reaching the right contacts and that the people you’re targeting are qualified leads?

Take control of your e-marketing, cost effectively

By linking our e-campaign, data management, CRM and lead generation services, you can get the right message to the right audience in the right way, clearly track results and ensure that every interaction is a positive one.

Our e-campaign suite includes:

  • Email copywriting and HTML formatting.
  • Generation and management of circulars and newsletters.
  • Email broadcasting to our internal database (a segmented list of regular attenders of major telecoms events, including MWC, LTE Summit, TM Forum).
  • Delivery of segmented e-campaigns to specific target audiences.
  • Cleansing and management of email bounce backs.

We can work with you to develop a well targeted E-marketing plan that provides diverse customer and prospect groups with communications relevant to their business priorities and needs. We can support you with content, communication design and advice on the most appropriate media as well as writing and design to make your e-communications appealing and engaging.

Proper analysis of campaign response is important so you can continually refine your e-marketing, doing more of what demonstrably works well to grow your business. We can build this analysis into your CRM data, giving you additional insight into your customers’ and prospects’ preferences.

Value of CTO for e-campaigning:

  • Telecoms sector insight means we understand what is of interest to your prospective customers and how to position your services in the best way.
  • Instant access to highly targeted and segmented data sets.
  • Improved campaign results through higher email open, click through and response rates.