What we do

CTO provides consultative, insight driven Direct Marketing Services to companies that provide disruptive solutions and services in the communications and technology sectors:

We are a hands on team that do the ‘grunt work’ critical to growing a business and building / maintaining a healthy sales pipeline and that requires a dedicated and skilled resource.

Our end-to-end suite of integrated services, (including acquisition, digital campaign management, lead generation/nurturing and CRM support), combined with our consultative approach and extensive industry knowledge, ensures that our clients achieve the following benefits in working with us:

  • A clear view of their entire target market within their own database, including contact details for all stakeholders that will influence the decision making process.
  • Detailed feedback and intelligence from their prospects on their pain points, requirements and existing environment that will help continuously improve messaging and targeting accuracy.
  • A steady flow of qualified appointments with the right people from the right companies that feed the top end of the sales funnel.
  • Clear ownership and nurturing of leads that are not yet sales ready until they become pipeline opportunities and are handed back over to sales.
  • Segmentation of their target market by levels of interest so the right resources can be focused on the accounts that present genuine short, mid and long term sales opportunities at the right time.
  • A dynamic, manageable and predictable sales pipeline with clear ownership and progression/ongoing qualification of all leads.