Once you have identified the prospects that are most likely to buy, you need to engage them in dialogue using a channel that works best for them.

Having expert consultants that understand the client’s pain points and who can match the solutions you provide to those pain points, will lead to a more positive discussion. This, in turn, generates more qualified leads, better customer intelligence and feedback, and more positive brand awareness.

CTO engages its client’s target market in relevant dialogue through the following methods:

  • Running telemarketing for vendors with complex, disruptive propositions is CTO’s core competency – we love it!
  • When planned and delivered well it is still by far the most effective means of generating sales ready leads
  • Our primary focus when telemarketing is on identifying real sales leads and setting meetings with Decision Makers that have a genuine need and interest
  • Almost as valuable, however, is the feedback from prospects that are not interested. They provide us with intelligence about their roadmap, plans and pain points.
  • In running a telemarketing campaign with CTO you can expect to get qualified leads/meetings with around 25% of the companies we target for you and detailed feedback from 75% of those accounts.
  • Our clients have come to rely on these leads to keep the top end of their sales funnel full.
  • The feedback our campaigns gather is often used in our clients’ board meetings and plays a large role in confirming / re-aligning messaging and strategic direction.
  • We always maintain a flexible approach and if your campaign does not deliver as we expect, we review and change approach until it does.

Get in touch to discuss how our telemarketing could help you.

Trade shows like Mobile World Congress, TM forum Live, or Informa’s events are a great way to get in front of your target audience, however they are expensive and often don’t deliver the desired ROI.

Whether you opt for a stand, a meeting room, OR just send a few sales people to walk the floor, CTO will ensure that:

  • Your sales team have a diary full of meetings with the right people.
  • The attendees for the meeting are pre-qualified and have a specific agenda.
  • These meetings actually happen and details /next steps are clearly logged and actioned.

Because we have worked all major industry events for the last 5 years, we often have a good idea of which relevant accounts / contacts will be attending before we start a campaign for you.

Email Marketing is all about delivering the right content to the right people. In order to deliver real value, e-campaigns should be combined with telemarketing to close the loop.

CTO’s data and profiling services ensure that your email campaigns can be sent to the right people and are personalised based on their specific interests or status.

The way we gather data on our client’s behalf ensures that the opt in for e-campaigns is in place and that prospects are more engaged with your content. Depending on the scenario, a simple text email, or glossy HTML may work best.

CTO can help in the following ways:

  • Building the most relevant and accurate mailing lists.
  • Drafting text based around the subject-matter your prospects want to hear.
  • Designing and launching campaigns.
  • Providing post campaign analysis.
  • Policing your mailing lists post campaign to remove/clean bounces, update/enhance contact details.
  • Managing periodic news / PR campaigns.

We can even broadcast emails on your behalf to the relevant prospects from our extensive database to ensure maximum reach.

Although telemarketing is still the most critical engagement channel for qualifying sales ready leads, Digital is now an essential part of the sales and marketing channel.

If you have a disruptive proposition and are not a household name, you need to ensure your prospects know about you and how you can help.

Getting your message out there through Digital Channels is key to increasing brand awareness and also generating inbound enquiries.

CTO partners with a Digital agency that can either upskill your internal team and turn them into digital experts, OR, manage your digital strategy for you.

Sales cycles for disruptive technology solutions are usually long and complex, however, many strong opportunities disappear or go to competitors because the middle of the pipeline is not properly managed / nurtured:

This is often because:

  • There is no defined CRM processes to monitor and track these opportunities
  • There is no ownership of the middle of the pipeline with marketing focused on the top and sales on the bottom.
  • There is not enough knowledgeable / skilled resource to manage the middle of the pipeline.

Prospects need handholding and nurturing through the sales process and, sometimes, sales don’t have time to do this because, naturally, they are focused on deals at the lower end of the funnel.

No matter how good you are at engaging with your prospects and generating new leads, this activity will only positively impact your bottom line.