It’s often the case that sales and marketing execution can be weak at the point of nurturing target accounts which may not yet be ready to be sold into. These are accounts where you know they will need your solution in a year’s time, but right now, there is no budget or RFI process. However, you want your company and products to be at the forefront of the prospect’s mind when they make that decision to buy and we want you to be ready.

Using the information about the account and contacts that we have collected throughout each campaign, we will continue to use your sales and marketing tools to regular “touch” the account, keeping them in the loop on your products, solutions and company news. When the time comes that they’re ready to buy, they will already know you and this increases the chances of them coming to you as part of the RFI process.

If we’re using a CRM system, we will keep updating the database so that you can see all the contact we have had with the account throughout the lifetime of the campaign.