Most companies focus their outreach campaigns on CXO’s or generic contact lists from major companies in their industry, pretty much picked at random!

Although this may generate a few chance meetings, in reality, knocking on the wrong doors is unprofessional, wastes time, confuses target audiences and negatively impacts your brand. Furthermore, CXO level contacts are often far removed from the day to day challenges and technical needs of their teams.

Additionally, as companies become more cost sensitive and more information is around to help with buying decisions CTO’s experience is that it is now critical to influence stakeholders form different departments in order to progress any opportunities

Campaigns that deliver the best results are geared towards specific target audiences, using language they can identify with and focus on providing solutions to known challenges:

CTO ensure all of your campaigns run smoothly by:

  • Profiling your exact target market and building a list of all potential customers you are not yet engaged with.
  • Gathering intelligence from our existing database, industry intelligence tools, AND online research to personalize discussions to these companies based on their strategic objectives.
  • Identifying multiple stakeholder contacts that will influence decisions within your target market and ensuring you have full contact details for them.
  • Segmenting target lists to ensure personalized messages are delivered to the right people according to their role and interests.

One of the key value adds is that on completion of any campaign, we will add all of this data to YOUR database and it will become one of your most valuable resources.