There is little point to lead generation if the ultimate goal isn’t revenue generation.

All of our services are geared towards increasing revenues through generating and developing qualified opportunities. Using our skilled resources, we take on the roll of opportunity creation and account nurturing so that you can free up your internal sales team’s time to focus on winning business.

We build a close relationship with each sales person who will find the information and opportunities we provide them with invaluable. CTO ultimately become, their “right hand man/woman”, arming them with knowledge about the accounts on their prospect list, un-earthing live opportunities, and keeping accounts that aren’t quite ready yet, warm until they are ready.

All of these actions, bring your sales and marketing activity closer to revenue much faster.

For start-ups

You may be a start-up where the revenues to hire a full-time sales team aren’t quite there yet. CTO work with a network of freelance sales people who’s resources we can draw on to act as your virtual sales team.

For new markets

You may be an established business but looking to open up a new region. Perhaps you prefer to test the region out before recruiting permanent staff. Let us use our resources and network to test it for you, reducing the cost, effort and risk of breaking into a new market.